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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

What is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a therapeutic approach designed to help people identify and work toward practical solutions to their challenges, with an emphasis on strengths and solutions rather than focussing on problems. 


SFBT can help with: 

  • Goal Achievement

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Communication and Relationship Issues

  • Family Issues

  • Workplace Challenges

  • Substance Abuse

  • Depression

  • Personal Growth and Self-Improvement

  • Children and Adolescents



Who can benefit?

SFBT is applicable to a broad range of individuals, couples, families, and groups who are seeking practical, solution-oriented approaches to their challenges. It is particularly appealing to those who prefer a brief and goal-oriented therapeutic approach that emphasizes finding solutions rather than focussing on problems.


 SFBT is client-centered and encourages clients to actively participate in setting their goals and finding solutions that work best for them.

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