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About Meighan

Are you navigating the complexities of life, seeking balance amidst challenges, or aspiring for personal growth and understanding? Stress, anxiety, and low mood can sometimes leave us feeling lost, stuck, or disconnected from ourselves. I am passionate about fostering positive change and empowering individuals to navigate through life’s challenges with resilience and confidence.


As a psychotherapist-in-training, I am committed to working alongside you, offering guidance to help you identify and meet your own personal goals as you are the expert in your own experiences. Through our collaborative efforts, my focus is on building the therapeutic relationship, exploring your needs, strengths, and available resources to build effective coping strategies and gain greater self-understanding and compassion. I approach therapy with a client-centered perspective, I value your intuitive voice and unique worldview as I aim to support you in uncovering your true potential.

During our time together, I plan to use a diverse approach rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy and strength-based approaches such as narrative therapy. It is my belief that you have the capacity to feel whole and fulfilled, and I am dedicated to helping you realize this potential.

You deserve a safe space where you can share what’s on your mind and work toward the changes you’re looking for. I look forward to connecting with you!

Let’s meet for Zoom and tea and see if it fits: please contact me to set up a no-charge15 minute chat.

Fee: $100 incl. tax          

Available in person and virtually

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