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About Lauren


Today’s realities can be hard to understand and navigate. Experiences might leave you feeling anxious, depressed, worried, or empty. It can feel encouraging to know you can receive support and guidance to progress on your journey more peacefully.


My role as a psychotherapist-in-training is to empower you towards greater self-understanding in order to help you embrace your authentic self, cultivate meaningful connections with others, and lead a more fulfilling life. I work with adults dealing with difficult life transitions, grief, anxiety, depression, and relational issues. It is a privilege to be by my clients' side during this process, providing them with a safe and intimate space to explore their stories, discover their strengths, and ultimately find healing and hope amidst life's trials.


My style is warm, approachable, and genuine. My approach is client-centered and multi-disciplinary, grounded in psychodynamic theory. I also offer EMDR therapy. I strongly believe in the power of human resilience and the capacity for growth and change. Together, we will embark on a collaborative path toward understanding, healing, transformation, and connection.

Fee: $150 incl. tax          

Available in person and virtually

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