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About Camille

Do you feel like you're swimming in a pool of negativity or are you struggling to cope with life's challenges? Maybe you've turned to different substances or food to deal with it. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, like you’re trying to stay afloat of your emotions, together lets aim to create a new lifejacket for you.

I am a bilingual Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) passionate about helping you on your journey to improve your quality of life. I am currently completing my Masters of Counselling Psychology. Taking a holistic and client-centered approach, I value the importance of healing the mind, body, and soul. I am dedicated to supporting you on your journey towards better mental health through continuous training and supervision. I use approaches grounded in CBT, motivational interviewing (MI), humanistic and psychodynamic theories, and offer EMDR therapy. My interventions are strength-based and trauma-informed, and I work from an intersectional lens. My approach is also LGBTQIA+ inclusive and sensitive towards women’s issues.

I've supported many people with depression and anxiety, substance use, addictions, self-esteem and body image issues, disordered eating, and emotional difficulties, and worked with at-risk youth. I will support you in developing coping skills to better manage stress and life transitions. I am passionate about personal growth and self-compassion. I will work alongside you as you learn tools to experience a more fulfilling life, develop resiliency, and increase your confidence.

Are you ready to overcome your struggles? Let's help you regain stability and get you feeling empowered. I invite you to book a free consult or schedule an appointment to get started on your healing journey now.

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