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About Alyssa

You’ve fallen down.

When you’ve had a falling out with a parent, a child, a partner, or a friend, or are grappling with a past struggle or loss, it can feel overwhelming - like you’re tumbling into a deep hole, with no way out. But you’re not alone. I’d be honoured to brave the dark alongside, and help you on your climb back up and into the sun.


An experienced trail guide can help.

I’m a heart-centred, nervous system-oriented student psychotherapist (Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying) currently completing my Masters in Counselling Psychology. I work with people experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and relationship challenges, particularly during the pivotal adolescent and perinatal life stages. Proficiency in trauma and body-based mindfulness means that I’ll assist with an array of evidence-based cognitive, somatic, and experiential climbing tools that have helped many people on similar journeys. This includes a specialization in clinical trauma work (CTS-I), trauma-informed yoga (RYT-200), and training in Gottman method couples therapy. With years of experience working in the realms of family crises and addictive/compulsive behaviour, I’ve accompanied many teens, adults, and parents on their journey upward toward well-being, peace, and ease.


It’s a tricky climb - and it’s worth it.

Many interwoven factors make it easier for some of us to fall and more complicated to climb back up. I'm trauma-sensitive, adoption-competent, pro-harm reduction and climate aware. I’m also deeply committed to the ongoing personal work required to be an ally for BI&POC, neurodivergent, LGBTQ2+ identified people and marginalized communities.


Are you ready to begin this leg of your journey?

I understand that psychotherapy can look intimidating for the first time. Your therapy session is a safe space where we can hold and reshape your pain into growth with compassion and respect. I believe you may benefit greatly, ready to approach your relationships reconnected with and fortified by your own powerful and unique set of tools. You don’t have to make the climb alone.


Let’s meet for Zoom and tea and see if it fits: please contact me to set up a no-charge 15-minute chat.

Alyssa Registered Psychotherapist
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