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About Alana

Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel at peace within their body and truly love the skin they are in. Do you obsess over your body, exercise, or what you eat? Are you unhappy with yourself no matter how much you do? Does your harsh inner critic control your life? Anxious and overwhelmed, struggling to manage stress and find a work/life balance? If so, you don’t have to continue experiencing these daily struggles, and I am here to help. I am passionate about helping individuals like you break free of the hold disordered eating, body image, low self-esteem, anxiety and stress have on you. 


I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) completing my Masters of Counselling Psychology. I offer virtual and in person psychotherapy for those facing disordered eating, body image concerns, low self-esteem, anxiety, and poor stress management. I believe there is no one size fits all approach to healing and will work collaboratively with each of my clients to create a treatment approach that is right for them. I draw upon my own personal experience and advanced training specifically for disordered eating, body image, anxiety, and depression to help guide clients through this healing journey. I take a person-centred approach drawing upon several modalities, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to aid you in your healing journey.


You don’t have to face this battle alone, together we will build a treatment plan that’s right for you. One that allows you to heal so you can truly live life to the fullest. Don’t waste any more time and energy not feeling good about yourself.  Book with me today so we can start your healing journey.

Alana Registered Psychotherapist
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